Joanna Warren – Owner and Facilitator.

By Posted in - on February 24th, 2014

Jo knows the film business.

Jo’s background has been working on set in the film industry for many years as an Assistant Director and this was where she met Mark.  She had a baptism by fire working in the kitchen with Mark catering for a Volvo Ocean Race team which took them right around the world.  It definitely set them up well for running a business together.  “Let’s just say it ironed out all of the kinks…”

She now takes care of all the other things needed to make the operation run smoothly and to allow Mark to focus on the food and logistics.

He’s an amazing talent and I’m the oil in the machine – Jo

Jo knows catering and knows what production crews need on location. The food may be awesome but its no good if there isn’t enough or its not there on time. To read more about Jo click here.

The saying “an army marches on its stomach” has never been more true when it comes to Professional sports teams and film crews.  It really can make a huge difference to performance and morale.  In short it makes people happy.  It can be the difference between and brilliant event and all the others.

Their food style is good quality, clean, fresh and absolutely delicious. They make most things from scratch and always endeavour to deliver the best possible result.  They prefer to design the menu to suit the event.

The other thing about Mark & Jo is that you don’t just get great food, but they and their team are great to deal with and bring their own great attitude along too.  You get the whole package.

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