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Container Kitchens.

Mark Reihana has renovated and customised many mobile container kitchens. The Doof Doof container kitchen can be deployed to a remote location and be ready to cater your crew or team on location.  Mark knows how food can affect performance in film crews, actors, individual athletes and international teams. Mark was lucky enough to cook for an Americas Cup team when the opportunity came up.  He did two 3 year campaigns for America One and then Oracle.  Doof Doof’s first major job together was cooking for a Volvo Ocean Race team which involved travelling to every port, setting up a kitchen from scratch, then cooking around the clock for the sailors and boat building team.  This was an extremely challenging year.  Check out more about the Americas Cup campaign here.

Surviving a baptism by fire at sea, through all kinds of weather and privation; and Doof Doof was born!

Now based in West Auckland we apply these hard learned lessons and experience in keeping film crews provisioned and nourished so they can do their best work. New Zealand film locations can be in difficult terrain with constantly changing weather so we are ready for anything.

The Doof Doof container kitchen will become the heart of any location camp. The container can be deployed inside studio complexes, warehouse or in the field. Fully complete working commercial kitchen with benches ovens, cooktop extraction, wash up and plenty of storage. Designed for efficient delivery of food the container also has a long servery window.

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