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Film Production Catering.

On time and on budget

Both New Zealand and international productions come to West Auckland to shoot in some of the world’s best locations. The world class Studio West production facilities, experienced local crews, and diverse landscapes have attracted over 30 international productions and relationships with leading TV & movie studio production companies.

Based in West Auckland the Doof Doof team has a combined 20 years of production experience – our staff and equipment have been on countless locations, sets, and stages. We love the production community and love providing affordable, nutritious catering to the industry. Doof Doof are seasoned experts at providing cost effective and all inclusive food services for New Zealand’s hard working and dynamic production industry.

Most producers will know that food is the key to a productive and happy cast and crew. You want to stay on budget? Feed them well and they well reward you. On a long day of shooting those meal breaks are when the crew recharge and re-energise before the next set up.

We can provide your important production with clean, safe, and professional equipment as well as delicious and nutritious food for a wide variety of diets and tastes. Keep your catering services easy: one call to Jo from Doof Doof can solve all your craft, catering, and location services. Our location catering services are cost-effective and will help you get the most out of your team.

Our Services

Doof Doof offers the following services: 

Mobile Kitchen Equipment rentals available for FULL SERVE and DROP OFF

Design your own Refreshment schedule – Doof Doof will help you to identify when your people need to be feed and just how many mouths there will be.

DROP OFF PRODUCTION – Drop Product delivered daily to your set or location

FULL SERVICE PRODUCTION SERVICE – includes full time attendant

ADDITIONAL CATERING – provides hot breakfast, lunch, dinner and second meals for second units, night shoots, and productions that run late.


  • Doof Doof
  • November 2013
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