Have you got an Army to feed?.

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Production Catering

Doof Doof Catering is fast becoming one of the most prominent caterers in the industry. The owners of Doof Doof Jo and Mark have been in the industry for over 15 years, working from small low key shoots to high end feature films.Click here to read more about Jo and Mark.  Doof Doof are experts at providing great hospitality and excellent logistical solutions to production challenges. Naturally all this comes with tasty and delicious A class food. Click here to see more food.

Our services include on set location catering and TV and Film Studio canteen management. We also have a range of mobile kitchens and remote location solutions, click here to see our trucks and mobile kitchens.

Container_SERVICE_THUMBAn average day on location with us includes:

  • Tea & Coffee on arrival

  • Full Breakfast (we also provide Fresh Fruit Salad, Yogurts, Cereals and Pastries)

  • Mid Morning Break for the PO bears in the crew who need elevens’s (Fruit & Biscuits)

  • Lunch (Talk to Jo as we have 100’s of options including more fruit and a Vegetarian alternatives . All lunches come with Salad and Snack Table)

  • Afternoon Tea (This is a rotating menu of Sandwiches / Wraps / Bridge Rolls & Fruit & Chocolate bars & Cakes)

  • Late Break (optional) (Hot in hand light snack)

We pride ourselves on ensuring every member of the crew is well fed and happy. Our staff are very experienced in our industry and like to build long standing relationships with everyone. We are very adapted to being on the road with a production for a long period of time and have the skills and experience to adapted to the ever changing requirements of a film crew. Our aim is to be kind and courteous to everyone and help foster an environment that keeps your team going and performing at the top of its potential.

Jo and Mark understand that lunch break time needs to be met and a crew need to be well fed within the time frame and can always adapt out time frames to meet your daily requirements. Natural Jo will sit down with you and plan every detail from timing, sizing and numbers to special dietary requirements or even security and transport challenges.

When we are booked and on the road with a film crew meal times can become quite an event good conversation and laughter from the kitchen truck along with fresh food and a well presented buffet table, lunch is always anticipated.

Dietary requirements is also something we are used to catering for we always ask before we start a shoot if any one is intolerant to anything particular we will then provide a specific meal for them.

Doof doof provide the grease for squeaky wheels Doof_Post_006b

Jo has played a huge part of managing and operating Doof Doof through challenging logistics of catering locations all around New Zealand. We can get the food there, whereever and whatever you are shooting.

It’s a very different and sometimes difficult environment but we firmly believe we have found a working formula that is beneficial to both the caterer and the production companies we work with. I guess you could say our delicious fuel will add value to your shoot. Having a on site caterer is always a benefit and a incentive for your crew to get the job  done.


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