Nutritional Catering for Sports teams.

By Posted in - Corporate Events & Sports Team on March 15th, 2017

Experienced at catering for high performance sports teams, Mark Reihana has advanced nutritional knowledge. Mark really knows how food can affect performance in individual athletes and international teams.

Nutritional Catering for Sports teams

Mark was lucky enough to cook for an Americas Cup team when the opportunity came up.  He did two 3 year campaigns for America One and then Oracle.  Doof Doof’s first major job together was cooking for a Volvo Ocean Race team which involved travelling to every port, setting up a kitchen from scratch, then cooking around the clock for the sailors and boat building team.  This was an extremely challenging year.  Doof Doof worked in 10 different ports in Spain, South America, and Sweden. We battled through many obstacles and language barriers to keep his team at peak performance.

We are proud to have played our part in the Pirates of the Caribbean syndicate’s second place finish under Skipper Paul Cayard in 2006.

Surviving a baptism by fire at sea, through all kinds of weather and privation; and Doof Doof was born!

Contact us to get Doof Doof on your side next time you have high performance catering needs.

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