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By Posted in - Film Catering & Location & Production Catering on September 29th, 2014

Doof Doof Understands film and what film crews need.

Film is all about an intense type of teamwork that requires confidence, communication and focus.

Doof Doof Catering are a mobile catering service who operate in the North Island area.

We offer catering options for any occasion and offer the highest quality food.Whether it is a concert, sporting event or tim shoot. Doof Doof catering will work closely with you to come up with a cost efficient catering plan that suits your personal taste, budget and overall goals of the occasion.

3 am in the morning its wet its cold and you still have two setups to shoot before dawn. Doof Doof understand that at amoment like this a film can be won or lost. Great performances and excellent technical work are required to bottle the lightening and you just can’t do it on a hungry tum, performances falter, takes escalate and when the coffee urns run dry your unit is in disarray crew members become un- focussed, your crew iix now not working as a team and you won’t get that magic moment.
To top it off the whole shcmoozle suffers so much that movie is not selected for Cannes. Not with Doof Doof on call!

Good Tasty Grub for hungry tums.


A little doofy late night magic and you have location snacks delivered and coffee urns that never run dry.

4 am and the crew erupt in applause. Great performance in the can, a the movie is going to be great, confidence momentum swings high to carry everyone into tomorrow and the over-morrow. We want it to be a stress-free, great hospitality and tasty food whatever the time wherever you are whatever the weather. We are completely adaptable to your needs and will work with you to achieve your event catering requirements.

Doof Doof stand by their service and we guarantee the high quality and freshness of our food. Our experienced staff provide top quality service to ensure whatever the production its a great success and a culinary triumph!

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