Questions we frequently get asked at Doof Doof…

Q: Do you rent out your trucks on their own?”

A.No, sorry, we don’t.

Q: Do we all have to eat the same?

A.Generally the costs shown are based on everyone eating the same dishes, however we can vary this according to numbers and price so that there are a few different selections. We need to know this in advance though please.

Q:Do you cater for children?

A: We do not have a specific children’s menu but having five children ourselves means that we pretty much know what they like to eat. We can offer lots of choice and try to everything as healthy as possible. We can also often feed the children a little earlier so you can put them to bed and then enjoy your lunch or dinner in peace.

Q:How much does a Private Dinner Party Cost?

A: Costs can vary greatly depending on the menu and also numbers of guests. This is a guide based based on three courses from our typical KIWI FUSION BBQ FEAST .
6 Guests: $250 NZD
8 Guests: $225 NZD
10 Guests: $185 NZD
12 Guests: $155 NZD

13> Guests $125 NZD

A: Our costs do not include tips, gratuities or service charges. These are usually given at the clients discretion at the end of each event or project and are obviously much appreciated by our team and ourselves.

Q:Do you cater for special diets?

A: Catering for special dietary requirements is one of the strengths Doof Doof bring to the party. We are experts in catering for special diets and food requirements including wheat-free, gluten free, dairy-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, kosher, halal, any other allergies or religious beliefs. We also some great ideas for those following vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic diets and lifestyles.

Q:Do you provide staff?

A: Yes. We can provide everything from general runners right through to chefs, cocktail barmen and a very experienced Maitre d’. All of our staff are experienced and where necessary certificated in all the correct areas of food hygiene. Most of our staff are bilingual although many speak a large variety of other languages.

Q: Where are you based and which areas do you cover?

A: We have offices and live between Auckland, Cannes and Gisborne although have worked on parties and events all over NZ and the Pacific plus as far a field as Europe and Asia. We are happiest working in our beautiful mobile kitchens in a remote field for an event or on a film location. we also love the challenge of setting up complete kitchens and parties in existing venues.

Q: Do you hire equipment?

A: Yes we can arrange for everything from plates to tables and chairs to linen and marquees. Most of this is our own equipment and therefore very reasonably priced. We don’t offer sound and lighting equipment or DJ’s but you can check out a few people we use regularly here.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes we do take company credit cards. We accept payment by cheques in NZD or bit-coins or cash.

Q: Tips and Gratuities

A: Our costs do not include and tips, gratuities or service charges and these are usually given at the clients discretion at the end of each event or project. They are obviously much appreciated by our team and ourselves.

Q: Whats the Doof Doof privacy policy ? Do you protect your clients’ privacy?

A: Absolutely! Doof Doof cater for many very famous and wealthy individuals and has had many of these clients for a number of years. We believe in absolute discretion and confidentiality and ask all our staff to sign confidentiality agreements before any interaction with clients or their homes or on location. We know what film stars need and what they expect.

Q: What insurance do you have?

A: We carry worldwide Employers Liability insurance  and also carry full Public/ Product liability insurance to the value of $25,000,000 per incident.

Q: What is your health and safety policy?

A: We consider the safety, welfare and health of all employees and people that may be affected by our activities to be of paramount importance and that maintaining a healthy and safe environment will not only ensure the well-being of our team but also make sure that we achieve our company goals and objectives. We adhere very strictly to the government guidelines outlined in the 1974 Health and Safety act.

Q: We have a day that will require a large amount of extras. Can you supply appropriate craft service refreshments and catering?

A: Yes, we can augment the craft service you already have on large call days. There is no minimum on amount of days for our craft and catering deliveries.

Q: We would like to pay special attention to the talent attached to our project. Can you supply refreshments to star & producer trailers?

A: Yes, we can provide gourmet baskets and premium coffee services for your star trailers. We will also provide a ‘special request form’ for talent and producers to customize their refreshment requests.

Q: What geographical areas do you cover?

A: The rates published on the website are for theSouth West Pacific area only. Out of town projects will require our FULL SERVICE only, available POA as well as refreshment budget (per production company).

Q: What are your payment conditions?

A: EFT or credit card payments only a minimum of 48 hours before your shoot. We do not accept cheque payments. All payments to be made as soon as the invoice is presented to you. Catering will only be delivered if the funds have cleared in our account. No exceptions!We will not proceed on any order until payment reflects in our account. No payment, no catering service!

Q: Do you provide tables, coolers and trash cans?

A: Yes. For a typical DROP OFF service we provide 2 tables, 1 cooler box and 1 trash can (if needed). For FULL SERVICE the necessary equipment is provided depending on crew size.