A specialist catering service for events..

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Doof Doof are a catering service who specialise in event catering


The Doof Doof Offer

Delicious cuisine

Cost efficient catering

Doof Doof can provide Catering services to any event

Doof Doof cater to medical conditions, training diets for sports teams, sports teams preparing for an event need nutriton. allergies/vegetarians


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15298636077_ac9b77bdf3Doof Doof aren’t a startup making naive mistakes we have been tempered by the fires of one thousand BBQ charcols and have over 20 years experience working in the industry for film and events. Our emphasis has been on getting great meals to your crew, team or party event.

Doof Doof have equipment and systems developed from over 20 years experience to deliver to you great meals with the best service possible.
Check out some of the folks we have worked with, or take a look at some of the food we prepare. You may want to check out a recipe for something Doof Doof prepared for you at an earlier event. get in touch with Jo and we can work through your event needs together. Read more about Jo here.

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